Make up

Top picks for a drugstore makeup

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re well? Today. I would like to discuss amazing drug store makeups you can buy and still look fabulous. First, Maybelline…..This brand is amazing as it works very well with the African skin and it also has sunscreen in its foundations and powders..It also gives a flawless look…Its Mascara is also […]

life hacks

Nine essential wardrobe must haves

Hey Lovelies, hope you guys are very well today? lets discuss the top essentials you should have in your wardrobe shall we?..well this post is for every kind of income earners..even students its budget friendly. Firstly, A black or white tee-shirt, as this are neutral colors and can go with almost anything you decide […]


The Journey Begins:my first post *smiles*

Thanks for joining me! I am so glad that I finally have a blog…I am passionate about blogging and I will keep you updated and leave you coming back for more! enjoy lovelies! oh and please dont forget to subscribe..thank you!