Hey guys!

I hope you’re well and good today? Well, today’s post should better bring a lot of controversies, because hey, we are ready for the fun ride!

Two of my work colleagues and I were having sushi for lunch today. One of them has a law degree, and the other one, a psychology degree. I enjoy having conversations with intelligent people, most especially “lawyers” because society made me believe that lawyers are the “most learnered” of all educated people because they are supposed to be analytical thinkers.

Assuming my friend with the law degree is Miss A, and the other is Miss B.I then asked a question to the duo about Erica’s eviction at the Big brother naija, lockdown . I asked the two if they think Erica has a mental problem because of how she reacted to Laycon, another big brother house mate. Miss B., the psychologist  said that she doubts it and Miss A, the ‘learnered one’ shouted at the top of her lungs ” Erica definitely has a mental problem! She is definitely mad!” Whilst struggling to get my attention back to Miss A., I asked ” why do you think Erica has a mental problem?” and she said because she was acting like a mad person in the big brother house!. Then I looked at her and said, “Don’t you think her behaviour was such because she was under the influence of an intoxicant? Why are you quick to label a person as ‘mad’ when clearly, Erica was drunk?” I further asked her “Have you ever seen an intoxicated person behave completely normal?. ‘The learnered’ Miss.A went completely blank….as usual….

The discussion continued as Miss B., the psychologist said that usually, a person that has a mental disorder has a pattern of behaviour, and it is usually hard to tell if a person has a mental problem when he/she is intoxicated. Then Miss.B went further to remind Miss.A of her medical record, and how she had helped Miss.A out of a party they both attended after the ‘learnered’ Miss.A was caught completely intoxicated and “high” on an intoxicating substance. She further reminded Miss.A of her awkward behaviour at the party, where Miss.A was seen dancing half-naked at the party and how Miss.B felt embarrassed but as a good friend she was, she couldn’t leave Miss A. at the party in the hands of predators.

Miss.A went into a defensive mode and yelled at Miss.B saying ” I was high! surely that’s not my real character!” and Miss.B laughed and yelled back at Miss A. “Exactly!, Erica was high too! surely, that’s not her real character!! Mental illnesses are hard to detect when a person is intoxicated!”

I was shocked to see the altercation between the two. Then I began to think, in the midst of all the altercation … I began to think towards Miss B’s point of view…’Miss.B has a strong point’.. ‘An intoxicated person might be partially insane? who knows? .. Does this mean Erica is completely normal but just had a little too much to drink? Well, I’ve never seen an intoxicated person behave completely normal because oh well, they are intoxicated..duh.. Theres this African proverb that teaches that a drunk person hardly lies because he/she becomes so emotionally loose and says exactly how they feel without fear.. Does this mean Erica was being her authentic self when she was drunk? Does this mean Erica was just acting out of intoxication? I remember she said that she couldn’t remember half of what she said after the party where she was drunk.. I remember also seeing her apologise on national television. According to Miss.B, that’s exactly what a recovered drunk person might do after a night of heavy drinking’..

Back to Reality.. I then heard Miss.A, screaming at the top of her lungs “Erica is a mad witch! She’s possessed”.. then I sank into my deep thoughts again.. started to analyse Miss.A’s point of view.. My thoughts were ‘What makes a person act like the way Erica did? Is Erica really a ‘mad witch?’.. From an article I read, Witches are mythical creatures  which are perceived to be very bitter that all they do is cause chaos. I was also told that witches are usually bitter and they usually pretend everything is alright, but they stay up all night planning evil.. So then, is Erica really a ‘mad witch’?. Perhaps if she was mad, she would not apologise.. Do mad people even apologise? Do mad people even know how being intoxicated feels like? Phew!.. taking Miss A’s point of view was mentally draining so I decided to stop analyzing her weird opinions

Well from the above, I  started to believe  that Miss.B has a strong point.. that an intoxicated person usually acts out of proportion because she’s intoxicated…that Erica might not have a mental problem, but rather, she had too much to drink , which made her emotionally unstable.. (like every other person).. That Erica is a lady, that wears her emotions on her sleeves, therefore, usually, she does not hide her feelings…that Erica was only frustrated that a friend of hers, Laycon, would be a narcissistic person who hides in the guise of a good person.. that the person with the high posibility of a mental problem is the narcissist.. that alcohol was not made to be taken to feel “normal”.. that it is wrong to say a person has a mental problem under the influence of alcohol unless of course, the person has been properly diagnosed by a good and certified psychiatrist..

This made me think further that Miss.B, the lady with the psychology degree, is really intelligent. This made me finally debunk the popular belief that some courses are superior to others. All corses have their importance. Therefore, it is wrong for a ‘learnered lawyer’ to diagnose an intoxicated person (unless it is legal insanity) with mental illness and vice versa

Guys, what are your thoughts on this? 

By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

Hi, I am Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian, the owner of Mypiecee is a safe space I have managed to create to enable interactive discussions about things that may be of concern to us. Feel free to subscribe and contribute! I can assure you, you'd be glad you did! on that note, Welcome onboard!

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