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 Hey guys,

I hope you’re well and good today?

So of late, I’ve been in my feelings because I lost some loved ones this year, but still trying to be strong too.

Yesternight, I read an article, which was about religion. In this article, they made it seem like a certain religion was the best and gave reasons why everyone should join their particular religion. I smiled, then said to myself, religion, indeed, is very beautiful. There’s so many meanings to the rituals carried out in different religions. Feeling fulfilled, I began to think, and then I remembered something my lecturer said in class one day. He said that catholics always act like they are the ‘holiest’, like they are the only ones that would go to Heaven. I became defensive, because I was raised in the Catholic Church and therefore, I uphold the beliefs of the Catholic Church but I did not accept my lecturer’s statements. Honestly, I kinda felt his statement was quite blasphemous, and after many failed attempts to debunk his statements, I finally agreed to disagree with him.

Back to yesternight.. so after this memories crossed my mind, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud because I remember being so defensive. Then I began to think, for a lecturer to have made such statements, there must have been some very valid reasons as I believe, what comes forth through the tongue has usually, been incubated in the mind. I began to think, what the possible reasons for those statements could be. Although it seemed like a harmless joke, I began to see some valid reasons to support his statements.

Religion? What is religion? I would have defined it according to the dictionary or a famous writer, but unfortunately, I am not very sure some of the dictionary definitions can apply in our world today.

Religion, (as usually believed by most people) is the belief in the worship of a supernatural being. This ‘supernatural being’ is usually being worshipped to take away the sorrows and fears of mere mortals, and not to do the opposite. In our world today, we have different religions, fighting against each other. Some believes that they are holier and superior to the others, the other is convinced that alcohol is devilish, some others engage in human sacrifice, and some frown on the consumption of meat or animal carcas.

It’s unfortunate that some of this religions and their beliefs have created so much division in the world, to the extent that, in other to prove a point or to ‘appease the gods’, they go as far as shedding the blood of animals and even humans beings.

Religion, I believe, is not supposed to be so extreme. As much as I strongly respect the different beliefs and religions of  people, I can boldly say to you today that I do not worship religions, but there’s one thing that guides me, although I am not even close to perfect, (even though I still try my best on becoming a better person), I believe that there should be a strong sense of good and evil, which is usually referred to as ‘conscience’, in the sense that there should be an understanding amongst human beings on how to treat each other, accordingly.

This humane treatment, I believe, is not supposed to uphold a certain religion but because we are humans and are supposed to treat each other as such.

This is my belief in which I do not seek to impose on you, but to only share. I am open to your feedbacks, feel free to comment and recommend some useful articles or books on religion for us to discuss!

I hope you have a great day ahead guys! Stay safe! x.x

P.S: I don’t still agree with my lecturer.

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9 replies on “Religion.”

Religion is a hot potato. Trying to look objectively at it is extremely difficult. We are born into cultures steeped in religious dogma. It is a process of brainwashing that is impossible to escape.
Freud said religion was a mass psychosis. I agree with him.
Is there any evidence of a supernatural being? None that I have seen or heard.
We live in an amazing universe. It is mind-boggling. But does that necessary infer an intelligence behind it? I say no.
We have an amazing brain that provides us with consciousness. Does that infer a god? I say no.
Religions came out of the Stone-Age with their costumes, rituals and customs – often racist, intolerant and misogynistic. I believe they are all creations of man.
We love ritual and pageant. We find it fulfilling. We love answers to problems. There are none bigger than life and the universe. We fear death. We are eager to clutch at straws that say this life isn’t all there is. But is there evidence for anything – a future life, a god creator? No, not really. Yet we manufacture ghosts, angels and heaven. We like to think of our loved ones and ourselves living forever, reunited. It is reassuring.
Looking, as a biologist at our bodies, they are not miracles. They are riddled with flaws and ‘design’ faults. We could easily design something far superior.
We believe tales from individuals up mountains, in caves and in the wilderness from people who claim to have spoken to god. But really, if someone made those claims today they would be ridiculed. Why does god choose not to speak to us all? Why only to solitary individuals?
Perhaps, because there is no god? Perhaps many people ‘hear voices’?
Has religion done much good? The history of religion has been the tale of a struggle for power with much persecution, intolerance, hatred, war and violence.
On the positive side, it has produced much succour and comfort for the bereaved and reduced anxiety over death. It has provided help and comfort for those in need. Many religious people have done a lot of good. But is it a false hope, based on a false premise?
Does the bad outweigh the good? I think it does.
As religions developed in the age of science, they have changed. For example, the Catholic Church believed that Heaven was above and hell below. That the earth was the centre of the universe and that the stars were pinpricks through which the light of heaven showed through. They tortured and burnt people who disagreed.
As science demonstrated that the earth was not the centre, that stars were suns, that there was no heaven in the sky or hell below, they changed their dogma. It clearly demonstrates to me that they do not know what they are talking about.
Is this blasphemous? Or is it possible to have an intelligent discussion about religion?
Now spirituality – that’s something else altogether!!

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You ask if it is “possible to have an intelligent discussion about religion. My answer is: It depends upon with whom are you speaking. If you walk up to an evangelical Christian and say something like: I think the Ancient Hebrew narrative of the Garden of Eden is a misogynistic vision borne out of a patriarchal world order. The Christian will probably respond with an emphatic “No.” and you will be told that you are completely wrong. The Bible is the inerrant word of God, and there is no need for discussion. Eve, being second created and therefore second best, was easily tricked, by a talking serpent, and she, the weak and ambitious female, brought evil and death into the world. It’s all her fault. If you press your case, the Christian defense will most likely be “God works in mysterious ways.” And that remark definitely closes the issue.

I was in conversation about a year ago with some Lutherans here in Alabama. We were talking about the creation story. I pointed out an issue I had with that story. I told them that according to the Bible, God created the trees and plants BEFORE he created the Sun and Moon. “That’s backwards,” I said. “The plants need sunlight to grow, to photosynthesize.” In short, they needed the sun.
“Oh, but they had light,” the Lutherans stated.
“What light?” I asked. “There was no sun.”
“God’s light.”
And that was the end of the conversation. The problem is solved. It didn’t matter that the Bible doesn’t mention anything about God being the light the plants need to survive–until he creates the sun. It doesn’t matter. They simply make up an answer and that’s it. Move on.

So I’m with you on spirituality. I have moved away from Christianity and have embraced Zen Buddhism. I feel much better searching within than gazing up into an empty sky.

Great post! Thank you! 🙂

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If I may, I disagree here: the many religions of the world are not such extraordinary or beautiful things. All that won’t mean anything after this life, no matter how complex. It is also not good in the eyes of God (I mean no offense; I love people of other beliefs, but He said “…thou shalt worship no other god…”).

Also, upon reading other comments, I do agree thay the history of religion is a terrible one. However, I must disagree with the claims (not only here, but from my own conversations face-to-face) that there is no evidence for God. How did we get here, if there was no Creator to create? Can something exist without being created except God? Can anything exist without some sequence of events to cause it’s existence other than God? He said, “…before me there was no god formed, neither shall there be after me.” I don’t have all the answers, so I cannot answer every question. However, these such things are unanswerable without God.

You can’t acquire direct physical evidence for an afterlife. Similarly, you cannot prove to me that my God is non-existent.


Oh, not towards you, the bit about saying anything about God’s existence was towards other commenters. I apologize, I should have specified.

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