The left Side.

Grateful for Life.



Hey guys? Hope you’re well and good today?

This year has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Some of us have lost friends, loved ones and even family members. I was sitting on my bed at the very early hours of the day, reminiscing. I never thought the other side of life might not always be greener, sometimes, you have to mow your abandoned field to achieve the greener pastures.

Yesterday, (being the 10th of August) at the late hours of the afternoon, I was stuck in traffic at around Osu cemetery.  I tried my possible best not to look left (where the cemetery was stationed) as I have always had this inbuilt fear about cemeteries. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t help myself and decided to take a quick look at the left side. Those twenty seconds, my dear friends, were the scariest moments of that day. My eyes caught one of the dreadful things. Guess? I saw a gravestone with the dates ‘2014 – 2017’. My heart was heavy, my eyes, teary. A flood of thoughts, in my head. A four year old child, gone, to the land of the dead, never to return again. wow.

Then I realised that life, as good as it can be, although some still choose to live in bitterness and regrets, is a gift…A gift from The Most High, the next second is not promised, talk less of the next day. Those dead, had plans for the future, but their lives, were ended.Those gone, were just like us. They had blood running through their veins, a human, filled with emotions, with a mind, filled with memories and a heart filled with love for their loved ones and families. I tried to control my thoughts whilst staring at the left side, as difficult as it was, with my heavy heart and the lump in my throat.

Then the traffic light turned green, and we left the scene slowly.

All I can say is may the souls of the departed, rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Note: If you’re reading this, be very grateful for your life.

Good morning.

Dedicated to : The family members I have lost this year.


By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

Hi, I am Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian, the owner of Mypiecee is a safe space I have managed to create to enable interactive discussions about things that may be of concern to us. Feel free to subscribe and contribute! I can assure you, you'd be glad you did! on that note, Welcome onboard!

2 replies on “The left Side.”

I find cemeteries fascinating. Epitaphs on headstones and tombs give us a piece of history that leaves so much for us to fill in and imagine to recreate a person’s life story. However, like you, I find it very sad and disconcerting to come across a child’s grave. It doesn’t seem right for young lives to be taken from us. But you are correct observing that we have to celebrate the lives we have and all the goodness we can find among the living.

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