Unapologetic for the right things

Stand for the truth.


Hey guys,

I hope you are well and good?

Well, today is a little dark, because it saddens me to see good people that stand for the right things suffer and vice versa, but it gladdens my heart to see people that take the stand to stand by the truth and the right things as they have accepted the backlash and discrimination they would receive from the world

Below is a poem, written by my fellow blogger, on his relentless efforts to stand by the right things. Its very encouraging to me and I hope it encourages you too as if we all ignore the right things, we would never grow.


I walk the side of life

That embraces love and peace

I avoid the side of hate and violence

I make my voice heard when I see right being abused

I will not stand by and remain silent

I won’t apologise for caring and sharing

It’s not something that makes us wea

It takes a lot more strength to make a stand

Against the things we know are wrong

It’s much easier to simply turn a blind eye

And for some reason making a stand can get you criticised

But I would rather take this, than avert my eyes and mind and hide

For love and caring is my way

And we need more to be this way

In these often harsh and brutal times

Where people hating on others way to many times

We need to make a difference, we need a change

To make life better everyday

And I won’t apologise for these words I say

We need to unite and love each other as one race.

By: Fauxcroft

via I won’t apologise — fauxcroft

By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

Hi, I am Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian, the owner of Mypiecee is a safe space I have managed to create to enable interactive discussions about things that may be of concern to us. Feel free to subscribe and contribute! I can assure you, you'd be glad you did! on that note, Welcome onboard!

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