Dear Jessica.

I remember you said our love existed despite the colour of our skin…



18th of June, 2020.

Dear Jessica,

I am happy once again to be writing to you today as I have not done so in years since my primary/ elementary school graduation. I remember back in primary school, where our teacher encouraged us to write to our class mates, both abroad and home. I wrote some, as our teacher told us it was a way to improve our letter writing skills. Amongst the ones I wrote to you guys I only got a reply thrice ;( which was from you and another really cool new friend of mine, Tommy who told me he wished to visit Africa to see elephants. I am happy to be writing to you once again, but unfortunately, I do not have the stickers our teacher used to give us to seal our letters. Well, how are you also surviving the pandemic?

 I just thought to write to an old friend, as it has been a really long time. Hey, do you remember the topic we treated in our general studies class, the one I told you I really liked? The one I wrote to you about what I was taught love is? The one where I told you I was taught that love is not defined by tribe, status, race, country or even name, and you replied with a black and white coloured heart beneath your letter with friends forever written below?.

Jessica, I am afraid, per the letter I sent to you the last time, some things might have changed as it seems to me that love might now be defined by race. As seen of late, the killings of africans (the people that look like me) in your country made me to wonder why this is so. I may not know why, but I hear it is usually because the people that look like me, the ones that are called ‘blacks’ usually appear threatening to you guys. I may not know exactly how they do pose a threat, perhaps it is in the way they look?

I am really unhappy by the way things are going between the people that look like me and the people that look like you in your country. Its really hard to fathom, but I hope it stops soon because I remember the black and white heart you drew for me, with the inscription below “Friends forever” which I believe meant that our love existed despite the colour of our skin and that means that you guys love the people that looked like me and the people that looked like me loved you guys.

I just hope it stops soon so that the people that look like me gets to be friends again with people that look like you and then we can get to send many more black and white hearts to each other again.

I am really happy to write and share our memories, and I hope to get a reply soon because I will be watching the news, haha!.

Stay Safe! x. x.

                                                                                  Your Friend,

Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

© 2020, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved.


By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

Hi, I am Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian, the owner of Mypiecee is a safe space I have managed to create to enable interactive discussions about things that may be of concern to us. Feel free to subscribe and contribute! I can assure you, you'd be glad you did! on that note, Welcome onboard!

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