Open Letter:Dear Africans.


16th of June, 2020.

Dear Africans,

It is my utmost pleasure that I write to you this very day, as it is one thing I have always ought to do. But before I start, Good morning. I hope you are all well? And how are you surviving the pandemic?

I see the effort you all put in place to stop the discrimination you get from the  your friends, the ‘whites’. I see the effort the rich African brothers offer to pay for the funeral of the dead African brothers. I could not help but wonder, if the deceased were to be alive, and they came to you for help, to help them financially for their career, would you have spent the money you spent on their funeral on them? How about their children, if they came to you to help , before the death of their Loved one, perhaps, for their education or career enhancement , would you have offered them help?I am so scared to ask, but I can’t help but ask if this is all for clout?

I see how hard you work and make money, then leave some of your families behind and go off to the ‘whites man’s land’ to spend hard earned money with them ‘whites’ you claim you hate right now, or maybe I misinterpret things? I see you treat your own women, with so much hate and worship the ‘white’ woman just for her money, like you cannot make yours.The same african sisters that supported you in your down time, who fought with you through life, you left them, and then you blame your sisters for being the ‘angry black woman’. As funny as it may seem, I feel this is an extreme form of hypocrisy and it is not fair, to both your people, and the ‘whites’.

Studies show that Africans are one of the most religious race. We go to our places of worship with all confidence, yet can’t practice what we preach or learn. Leaving in the survival mode, every man for himself alone, we do not even care if our next neighbour is alive neither do you even care to appreciate those that have been there for you. I see some African brothers/sisters, not happy to see their fellow people climb up the lather of success, when the sky is big enough for everyone.Some even try to eliminate, in every way possible, their sisters/brothers striving for a better life. I don’t know why this may be as I used to think it’s because of jealousy, but I hear it’s because of Pent up anger from a past offense, in which the “perpetrators” may not even be aware of.

I may not be as exposed, but I promise you I have been to the ‘abroad’, and I see how the  ‘whites’ treat themselves, and it is very different from what I see from the very religious race that try so hard to emulate the life style of them whites’ even though we always deny it. I also see how we treat ourselves, with so much contempt and hatred. Our leaders, who is supposed to be our big brothers/sisters too, careless about their own people, and guess what? What the leader does, the followers do too.

Our African brothers/sisters  learn a new skill, they leave their people to go to the ‘abroad’ to share their new skill with the ‘whites’ and come back to their people when they are old, wrinkled, weak, sick or ready to die, to be buried in their homes in Africa.The best years of your lives, you choose to spend with them ‘whites’ you claim you hate. Some are even evacuated from the ‘abroad’ when sick. No wonder Putin said that Africa is a graveyard. Or maybe, I am just being ‘Paranoid’?

People say all sort of things when you spill the beans. LOL. Some say I can be paranoid, some say I am such a deep thinker. Even the optician used to say I’ve got myopia. But for the few I have decided to write to you about, I hope you give it some thought. Thank you for your co-operation.

                                                                                       Yours Sincerely,

                                                                              Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian.

NOTE : kindly ignore if you feel the writer is being paranoid or myopic. Thanks.

Written by: Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian.

© 2020, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved.




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