Black Lives Matter letters

An open Letter: To Mr. President



Dear sir/ma,


I really wish the greetings could come from a place of happiness in my heart but unfortunately.

The problems are becoming unbearable.(Unemployment, lack of safety, Unstable educational system, poor health facilities, No electricity  and so much more you could ever think of) but this time, it has really escalated.

The youths of a country with this much problems, I must commend, because it is not easy to live in a country with this much to bare, in addition to the news of no progress that’s been heard everyday on the radio stations and via social media. Everyone is trying to survive including the elderly. The country  is not very safe for a lot of people as the problems has been in existence for a very long time.

Before the arrival of covid19 in the country, Nigerians, still trying to survive the inherited problems they have in their hearts, wallow in pain.

Imagine a people who have been infuriated for a very very long time, all they know is to live in the survival mode. How do you now want them to behave?  With respect to the law? Well I don’t think so.

Punishment should be justified at least, when the makers of the law have fulfilled their own part of the promise . For example, you tell the Nigerian youths to engage in legal jobs but you don’t provide jobs for them and so much more.

In this turbulent times, I can’t help but wonder,  the reason for the rise of atrocities like rape despite the alarming spread of the COVID19 disease in the country? Then it dawned on me, that it may be because all they know is to live in the survival mode. You know? No form of any other satisfaction so they  turn to what they have always believed is the utmost form of satisfaction. The men turn to rape. I may not be very right tho, but this is my opinion.

It seems like the Nigerian law is loosing its effect? Perhaps, People do not fear the law as much so they resort to breaking it more?Or perhaps they decide to do what they have always wanted to do before this pandemic ?

Sire, I am honestly infuriated about the recent rise of rape cases in Nigeria. Amongst the many problems encountered by Nigerians, especially the women, forcefully taking a woman’s pride should not be tolerated.

Women, go through a lot already, especially in Nigeria and it is unfair to forcefully and unlawfully take her remaining pride and happiness away.Remember, sir, that everyone was brought of a woman . I hope the law takes its cause and justice be served if and only if there is legal proof, under no reasonable doubt, that the accused are really guilty of the crime they are charged with. Thanks for your co-operation

                                                                                         From a very concerned citizen,

                                                                                                Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian.

Written by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

© 2020, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved.


By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

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