Thirsty ni****!!!

no to raperape


Hey guys, been a minute…Abeg no vex if I no greet una!

Today is not really a good day for me.. I am really saddened by the happenings around us.. I am writing on a very sensitive topic today…. Guess?……Yeah, you guessed right.. Rape.

So of late, its been very hard to fathom what exactly is going on and I honestly can’t seem to wrap my head around it.. Of late, Rape and defilement cases has been on the rise in Nigeria………Rapists!!, Lets have a talk!!!.

What is this misogny you have against women? You already know how hard it is being a woman in this society but yet you decide to keep treating your female counterparts like this? You do realise that we are in the middle of a war with an enemy we cannot see.. We get it, you’re faustrated, we women too are! Why do you then try to pour your frustration on women? why? Women are not to be blamed for everything! you cannot keep pouring your frustration on women… Its already hard enough for us, why not make life easier? Women should not dress a certain way, yet you can sexually fantasize about a woman fully clothed? Women should go to church and pray, yet you decide to commit your atrocities in church too? why would you rape a woman? why? what exactly is it that you guys enjoy? Watching a woman scream helplessly whilst you satisfy your urges? isn’t that selfish? Isn’t it wicked? I am asking you?!! where are your hearts? You know how much women we have in the world, you do know it surpasses the number of men ey? So way ask politely for sex instead of forcefully having sexual intercourse with one woman, out of the many in this world!!. without her consent? Why would a woman live in fear with her counterpart God had created to protect her? Every small thing, una go dey find how to hurt women ,come dey do like sey una be strong people . STRONG PEOPLE NO DEY RAPE!!!

I am honestly so pained. I was going to write in flamboyance but I noticed that all de one wey we don dey write sinceeee no dey enter una ears!!

Now I have an assignment for you guys.. You rapists, I want you guys to lie on your bed tonight, and think.. Remember you were brought of a woman, Your mothers are women.. your sisters, women. The girls you raped, women..Well guess what? The girl(s) you rape are someone’s sister(s), The one you defiled, someone’s child.. the ones you killed to cover ur tracks, someone’s family member too.. Imagine someone raping one of your family members… Imagine how furious you’d be, imagine the hot tears that would role down your eyes with your hearts screaming vengeance.. Imagine.. Imagine your heart racing, imagine the hurt you’d feel, with every part of your body screaming vengeance.. Imagine the loss of a family member of yours… raped and killed by a fellow man just like you.. imagine…Not so good a feeling ey? Exactly.. write down how you feel after imagining this .. then read it out to your hearing.. did it sound soothing?.. whatever the case maybe.. I can bet you can’t stand that watching that happen to your female siblings..You can’t…whatever the case may be! IF A WOMAN REFUSES TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, DON’T FORCE IT FROM HER! U can control yourselves or find somewhere and jerk off! or just GET MARRIED!! TF? STOP RAPING WOMEN!! MAKE UNA STOP DON ALLAH, BIKO, JOWO!! STOOOOPPPP!!! I don’t just get it y’all so annoying gosh!!! RAPE IS AN IRRITATING AND UNJUSTIFIED ACT!  Una go get justice!!

#justiceforUwa !!!

#justicefortina  !!!

#justiceforjennifer !!

#justiceforallthewomenraped !!!




© 2020, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved.

NB: Pidgin language was used as I guess that’s the language the people I am referring to understands.Stay Safe and Be Vigilant!

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