Gucci or Rucci?


Hello lovelies

How are you doing today? How are we fairing in this pandemic era? I must tell you this are scary times but we have no other choice but to stay strong. I know its been a while we had a good talk.. I must confess, I have been very busy with a lot of things but I still have you guys in mind.. Lol…

Well, although this pandemic has brought a lot of disrupt and fear in the society, there have been some innovations in the fashion industry. Big brands like Gucci, Versace and the likes have been releasing amazing outfits and fashion accessories and I could not help but tell you about the latest fashion in some of this brands like Gucci (which would be my main focus of course )

Over the years, Gucci has been doing tremendously well in their fashion and sales .Oh,  I can’t help to tell you about their new release.. A perfume..”A midnight Stroll” and ‘A chant for the Nymph’.. Its part if the ‘GucciBeauty’ collection and from the packaging, I can tell by using this fragrance, you’ll smell like a Queen/King..*wink*

Below is the picture of this fragrances

IMG_8373 2


Another highlight which caught my attention was the new seasonless fashion by Gucci. The lady and the dressing used by the million dollar company is quite questionable.

Below is my referral.

“seasonless fashion” by Gucci                              African Slavery                        

IMG_8371         slaveswaiting

So I thought to myself, “Does this fashion style have a meaning?” It sort of reminded me of the way the African maid servants who worked for the whites as slaves during the slave trade era used to dress. Perhaps, its just what I used to see in the movies? LOL . Gucci is an amazing brand, No doubt, but I have heard that every art comes with a story and guess what? Fashion is art. Gucci is Art, ‘Seasonless fashion’ by Gucci is infact art too.

gucci    slavetrade

I then thought again, ‘oh maybe I’m just thinking’ lol. But then again, I could not help but ask, the leather around the neck of the African model, does that have a meaning too? Let’s be clear here, leather tightly worn around the neck usually depicts a sign of dominance, control, and even authority . Also, the black leather belt running through the both shoulders.. does that also have a meaning? From my research, I found that this usually depicts a form of slavery (as it is seen as a form of slave chain) . Perhaps, its the latest fashion?  Well, how about the dress? Beautiful dress indeed! but it sort of reminds me of what the African slaves wore whilst serving their white masters during the slave trade era. Or perhaps, it is just what we see in the movies? oh well, *I do not know*. But how about the model being an African female model.. with neatly braided corn-rolls, no form of accessories or jewelries to enhance her Feminity? Why did the African model not  put on some makeup at least to hide her blemishes? Does this depict a form of slavery too? Where the slaves in the slave trade era were not permitted to look attractive? Perhaps, she is a “natural beauty”?.. Indeed, she is very beautiful and I must commend Gucci for their choice of models, they use really beautiful models.

Oh well, This ‘seasonless fashion’ by Gucci, which was created in other to “support a less wasteful fashion system” is honestly eye catching. I could not just help but wonder if this had a correlation with slavetrade. You know? the African model, the leather choker, the blackbelt, the ‘no jewellery/makeup wearing’ beautiful model ,just exactly  the way the African slaves used to dress in the past or perhaps, there’s modern day slavery? or maybe the ‘latest fashion’?. Either ways, Gucci is an amazing brand and I look forward to buying your latest fragrance.

In this time of uncertainties, I urge you my dears to stay safe out there and take the necessary precautions to avoid regrets.In the meantime, stay glued to my blog and do not forget to subscribe

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4 replies on “Gucci or Rucci?”

Good points raised.
The dress looks cool. Though it will bear a different meaning for those that had the slave experience in the experience. It may also connect with those that want to celebrate the old culture.
They say fashion is always revolving, this may be the time for these wears.


Great article! I love how you are giving us information but we can also see your personality in your writing.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t wear anything around my neck like a leather necklace because of what it means (as written in your blog peace). everything has a meaning. Even though we take it and try to change that meaning, it doesn’t ever loose it’s original intent.

Anyways thats What i think about this ‘Seasonless peice’

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