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Hello loves,hope you’re well? Hope you’re good today?its a weekend today and oh well mine was going very well until I got invited to my friend’s birthday party today as she just returned from Germany a day before and wanted to make her party a huge one😍😏😏 apparently..Twas impromptu 😓..I hate going for impromptu outings😒 but I had to go because she pleaded with me to come😩😩 I was looking for what to wear cos a girl gotta look fabulous no matter what *wink* I went to my organized wardrobe to fish out something to wear and it was so hard to find what to wear so I ended up disorganizing my whole wardrobe 😩😩whilst in search of what to wear 😓 LOL but in the end, I slayed😏 I came back a few hours ago to a very disorganized room and Lord knows I hate when my room looks scattered☹️ I had to start arranging all over from the beginning..hmm🤦🏽‍♀️ but this time, I took my time to strategize 😅 and I want to share with you guys today how my wardrobe looks now and how I got it as arranged as that! looks so organized..everything has its own corner and I’m soo happy 😆 ..but exhausted 😩 Let’s get to how i arranged it!

First, I folded all my clothes …and sectioned folded the towels together, folded the skirt together, ..and so on

Second, I separated my clothes from the clothes of my home so I do not have to scatter my whole wardrobe any time I want to go out🤦🏽‍♀️ I folded my ‘outing’ clothes and kept them in a special corner sectioning them in categories 👌🏼

Third , well I got special hangers for my shirt and dresses…personally, I prefer hanging shirts and dresses because I feel like it’s harder to when hung, it stays wrinkle-free for a long time.

Fourth, my work clothes, of course has its special corner LOL… I hang my official shirts and fold the skirts and trousers..I also hang the blazers

Fifth, My scarfs and head ties, I tie them on the wing of my wardrobe for better view and to make it easier for me as well as hanging my hats on the wing too.

Sixth, accessories..I asked my carpenter to create a little section to hang my accessories and I hung them there in sections after he had done that..well I prefer to hang my accessories so as to prevent it from tangle which could spoil them when you try to de-tangle and my earrings are kept in my jewelry box.

Seventh, my socks are being kept in a little bag and that bag is being kept in a section of my wardrobe

Also, my underwears…This are being arranged in sections also as I’ve got a bag for my braziers and one for my panties

Furthermore, my night wears , has its own little corner too folded in sections..I just don’t like stress😩😩😩

Well,my shoes..are in the rack sections make it easier for me😩..

So dears, this is it …this is how I have arranged my wardrobe now😅..if you have any suggestions, please share! Phew I’m so exhausted 😩 goodnight!💤😴.

By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

Hi, I am Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian, the owner of Mypiecee is a safe space I have managed to create to enable interactive discussions about things that may be of concern to us. Feel free to subscribe and contribute! I can assure you, you'd be glad you did! on that note, Welcome onboard!

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