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Skin dripping with chocolate 🍫 and honey 🍯

Hey my loves..I hope you’re well and good today? Because I’m doing know?..I’m so happy about this post because It will make you beautiful and you know I’m happy to always give a few beauty tips😍 I got a lot of requests saying I should make A post on how to take care of the dark skin during summer and voila! You asked,I listened 😏..sooo my loves with the dark skin and chocolate skin say heyyy👋 ..this post is for you as we all know the sun loves you.

Did you notice this summer, the sun has been hotter than usual? Oh..but that won’t stop us from glowing..let’s see how we’d do that shall we?

First, moisturize…yes, I mean it…I know you might say oh no, it’s summer…we can’t moisturize, the weather is too hot…yes, I understand..but you still need’s a very essential part of skin could get a light weight moisturizer for your face but don’t rule it out of your routine to avoid looking ashy LOL

Secondly, exfoliate..this is very essential as our skin retains more moisture during summer therefore makes it as easy target for dust and dirt..which clogs your pores and could cause you break outs and skin irritations

Third, Use a toner! As this will make your skin cool and keep your pores closed making it more radiant!

Fourth,sunscreen…so I went to a cosmetic store at coral gables to get my shower gel and I over heard a woman telling her friend she needed a sunscreen with high spf..and her friend said ‘what do you need a sunscreen for? You’re dark enough already, what are you trying to protect from your skin? You’re already dark’ well this was one of the inspirations for this post…well dears, even if you’re dark or fair in complexion, you need a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun ..Our dark skin loves are blessed already with melanin but that doesn’t stop you from protecting your beautiful skin from the harmful rays from the sun.Do not ever let anyone tell you other wise! And should Incase you don’t put sunscreen before going into the sun, please use an after sun lotion!

Fifth,Less make up …I am a huge fan of make up LOL but don’t you hate it when your make up melts because the weather is too hot or the sun is unbearable? Exactly , me too! It will get you looking miserable LOL and dirty..also causing break outs because your pores get during the summer it’s best to reduce the make up application, as for me, I stay clear Totally! And let my skin breathe😍

Also, Guess my favorite drink? Water!It does wonders for you! For your skin, your health, your mood, your confidence and so much more! It makes you glow! So make water your best friend and watch your transformation!As we all know, even in my last post I wrote how dehydrated we get during summer because we loose a lot of water in our body, and it will reduce your rate of getting wrinkles drastically! Try it and give me a thumbs up when returning!yum!

Further more, your entire body, it’s best to hydrate your entire skin …and keep that chocolate dripping skin Subtle!

Next, sleep…you need to get enough rest…I’d recommend at least 7 hours a day as a well rested skin is a happy skin

Well there you have it, This are the few ways to keep your dark skin glowing during summer to avoid looking ashy and dull as this calls for special attention..So lovelies, shine on! For my caramel ladies, stay tuned ..I will be uploading a post for your skin tone soon! Don’t forget, a clear and glowing skin is essential as it shows how healthy you are!until we meet again, stay fabulous

© 2018, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved


By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

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