How to stay cool during Summer β™₯οΈβ˜€οΈ πŸŒž

Hey my loves…hope you’re well today? This post is about how to stay cool in this amazing weather, summer 😍that God has blessed us with ..we all know that during summer, there’s just enough light and warmth that keeps us happy during the day..but this can be a little too much sometimes causing discomfort I want to share with you a few inexpensive ways to stay cool in the summer despite the heat apart from using air conditioners to reduce your electricity cost and keep your heart healthy

First, choose light weight and natural fabrics like cutton fabrics..cutton fabrics are breathable fabrics and allow air to pass through freely

Second, lean toward light colored fabrics like white, light pink, light purple and so on as dark colored clothes like black attracts and causes a lot of heat

Third,water…I mean need a lot of water to stay hydrated .. so drink a lot of water..why? Because during the summer we tend to sweat more than normal and this causes us to loose water from our body so we need to replenish the water in our body by drinking a lot more

Fourth, wear loose clothings as this will allow air to pass through your body freely

Fifth, use of energy sufficient curtains at home ..I love using dark colored curtains during summer as this will help block out the sun from entering my room therefore reducing heat

Fifth, take a scarf and a hat around..a hat to block the sun, a scarf to stop your hair from touching your skin…

Sixth, mini hand fan … this comes very well in handy as you could quickly use it anywhere without discomforting anyone…

Also, cooking light foods in the house to avoid heat from the stove as this could increase heat in the house ..

Finally, taking a cool shower or bath after you feel warm or cranky during the day…at lease doing this before getting in bed will soothe you and therefore make you feel refreshed

So there you have it…with this tips, you’d be able to stay cool in the summer despite the heat…stay fabulous and cool loves

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By MyPiecee by Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian

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