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Embarrassing Moments(pt1)

Hey lovelies….hope you’re doing very well today? wouldn’t believe what happened! so I was going for my brother’s graduation…and I wore a beautiful black dress, makeup on fleek, heels on point lol…looking all nice and ready…and as soon as I got to the venue..guess what? My zipper got burst…that was one of the most embarrassing moment of my life lol…in front of a whole crowd..I felt like the floor should open up and just swallow me looll… so a Good Samaritan rushed to me and helped cover me up with a cloth…only for me to find out she was a she took me to her shop near by to help fix my zipper and she was shocked at the kind of zipper that was being used as it was the wrongest choice for the dress I was wearing


so we had a very educative discussion and we spoke about the different types of zippers suitable  for different types of clothes to avoid the kind of embbarassment I went through…and I thought to share it with you guys..

First,Coil zippers…also known as nylon zippers as they used to be made from nylons..and are light weight and rust proof…this are suitable for garments, luggages or sporting goods

second, invisible zippers..more like coil zippers and are suitable for dresses and skirts..Usually located at the back of the clothe.

Third,metal teeth zippers, Have two lines of metal teeth usually made from aluminum, nickel or brass..suitable for jeansIMG_6015

Fourth,plastic moulded zippers..also known as parka zippers…suitable for robes, sportwears, jackets, coats,hoodies,parkasfleece jackets.IMG_6016

Fifth,seperating zippers…are designed so the two sides of the tapes are able to come apart completely after the zipper has been uses a box and pin mechanism..suitable for jackets and coats


I still kinda feel embarrassed as this happened a few days ago *sad* but oh well.. and unfortunately, because I arrived a little late at the venue initially because my Uber missed his way and before she could get my zipper well fixed, the ceremony ended before I could even get in…I learned a lot and I thought to share with you..well, Hope you enjoyed this article lovelies.. oh and your suggestions are very much welcomed and I would be very happy to also learn from you have a great day! and stay tuned for more updates..dont forget to sign up sweeties

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