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Nine essential wardrobe must haves

Hey Lovelies,

hope you guys are very well today? lets discuss the top essentials you should have in your wardrobe shall we?..well this post is for every kind of income earners..even students its budget friendly.

Firstly, A black or white tee-shirt, as this are neutral colors and can go with almost anything you decide to wear with it and its budget friendly as you can get a tee shirt anywhere at affordable prices.

Secondly,A pair of Leggings..hmm preferably black…leggings are easy pull ons for almost any kind of just depends on how you wear can be worn to school, for outings, and so on…

Third, A little black dress…This could be worn at almost any occasion and it never goes out of style….

Also,A pair of jeans…preferably dark colored …as it flatters your shape and makes you feel and look sexy and hey, it could be worn for every season and almost every occasion.

Yes..A knee length skirt.. as this can be worn at any occasion, yeah.. any occasion all depends on how its being worn

Simple flats…This also gives you the right look for anything from a board room meeting to a hangouts..Its a multipurpose kind of shoe..

A sweater…For the weather..preferably, a knit sweater as it works with anything from a pair of jeans to a feminine skirt and hey, it also keeps you warm in the cold weather as well as making you look stylish..its a hundred!

A pair of high heels.. It could be a one inched shoe or more, Its essential for my ladies as it makes you feel and walk sexy and it will never fail you and goes with almost any kind of outfit  you wear…

Button-up shirt… as this can make you look casual and sophisticated…oh yes..and sexy hmmm…its a hundred for me!

Well dears, This are very essential to look great at any given day..I would love your suggestions and I would be happy to listen to that you might love to add   if you’d have any…Stay sexy lovelies..Have a great day

© 2018, Nwagbo Ifunanya Lilian. All rights reserved.


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